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I didn’t grow up in a home with great eating habits. My mother is naturally teeny tiny plus has a ‘food as fuel’ attitude to eating; and then, from untreated acid reflux, she destroyed her oesophagus and thus that limited her meals even more.

The first time I had a raspberry I was 21. Our fruit was strawberries, exclusively. I’m not quite sure why but I literally remember not a single other fruit; plus, the strawberries would be smothered in cream (that’s Banting now, right?)

Veggies were pretty boring too – frozen peas & corn; and broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce.

Roast chickens, mince, bacon.

Literally that was pretty much it. And a f*&^ ton of macaroni and cheese.

And my mom was a feeder. I was a tubby baby and a chubby toddler and an overweight kid and a chunky teen and now, I sit in Mugg and Bean, trying to avoid the cookie on my coffee plate, as an unhappy adult.

I’ll never forget the day my dad died; my mom took me out to eat 3 times. Food was just her solution; maybe to keep me quiet?

And now I look at my kids; and our fridge is packed with every conceivable fruit, and our dinners have a variety of endless veggies. Everyday; EVERYDAY; is literally a new recipe and experiment. See, I still enjoy food. A lot.

Today we booked our family holiday to Bali; in March next year. We loved our adventure there this year and decided, of all the world, we wanted to go back. And the flight is 3 days less than 6 months away. And my 32nd birthday is 2 weeks less than a year away…

And thus, was born ’32-by-32’. By September 11th 2020 I want to be, at least, 32kg lighter. And by my flight to Bali I want to be, at least, 16kg lighter. This is my goal. And should I (when I!) lose those 32kg I’ll be a personal best weight. I’m only 5 ft 2 so my ‘ideal weight’ (as per my medical aid. Arg.) is like 2 bags of flour; so, I’m ignoring that. And reaching for what I would love to be… so 32-by-32 was born.

So how am I going to do this?

Intermittent fasting. 23 hours a day (20 on weekends) and OMAD (one meal a day – which will be dinner)

Keto; less that 20g carbs; 1300 calories.

Gym – 3 dance classes a week, 2 days of wandering on the treadmill, listening to a gory murder mystery podcast (BUT DID HE DO IT?)

And I want to take my 6-year-old with; he loves Club V and I want to teach him the habits I never learnt. He’s like his dad and loves a game console and YouTube video; but he needs to run and jump and sweat too, you know? Balance.

And, despite not naturally having great willpower; I’m going to manifest it. And imagine all the shopping I’ll do in smaller-than-average-size clothing stores in Singapore.

Lets do this…

Starting weight: 106.4kg (highest weight: 114kg / lowest weight in the last few years : 92kg)

Stomach cm: 133cm

Breasts cms: 128cm

Thigh cm: 73cm

Arm cm: this was too hard to try do. Argh!

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