And so the adventure begins...

Hello 2020!

I cant believe a decade ago I had just turned 21; still new in the big city. I was newly dating the man who would go on to become my husband and the dad of my boys; an apprentice in a busy hair salon while studying hairdressing part time; too scared to drive too far if it had too many right hand turns.

Now I'm a busy mom of 2 boys; married for 7 years; too many pets; so much laughter; the most adventures under my belt. I do lots of right hand turns; I don't even cut my childrens hair; and I'm an old Jo'burg soul now. It was definitely the decade of the most change, so far and that will ever be.

And I've been totally AWOL; my children had a 6 week holiday and nothing makes a toddlers eyes light up like his mama at her desk, with its stapler & Sharpies & buttons to push. Literal spiderweds greeted me tonight.

But the year is off to a flying start and with my Bali holiday a mere 2 months and 2 weeks away, I'm actually eating surprisingly well after the Festive season (ignore the review I'm posting tomorrow)

So the menu for next week is nice and light for the hot summer nights, with some old favourites and new twists on old dishes (just imagine a thai spaghetti made with garlic butter, soy and parmesan!)

An easy lemon and herb chicken recipe :

Combine mustard, one teaspoon of the lemon zest, dried oregano, dried thyme, salt and one tablespoon of olive oil in a small bowl. Use fingers or a brush to coat chicken on both sides with the mustard rub.

Hungarian mushroom & dill soup (a show stopper!) :

Burnt butter sauce is so easy - literally watch til the butter starts to slightly darken; toss in some almond slivers to toast and voila - the yummiest lick-the-plate sauce thats perfect for salmon

And this will literally become a family favourite, althought you'll never be able to explain to a stranger how the ingredients possibly go together.

(If your whole family raves about it, comment and let me know!)

My little veggie box business is back to work on Monday and I'm looking so forward to a busy, balinese, boss babe kinda 2020!


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