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Ethos Restaurant - the Med meets the city.

The minute I hear whisperings of a new Johannesburg restaurant, my ears prick and my toes curl with anticipation; and immediately I’m on the phone, to book. I managed to sneak in before the masses sniffed out the new Jo’burg spot, and we went this last Friday to experience their brand of fine Mediterranean dining.

Nearby Morningside clinic, alongside a less then delightful petrol station (the did close the blinds to hide the view), lives Ethos and its bright white atmosphere; perfectly complimented by a silk leafed Olive tree right in the centre. The impressive bar as you walk in is gasp worthy; and immediately their vibe and their ethos (haha) is apparent and welcoming. An open kitchen means you can see the black clad, busy chefs in action on their coal fire oven; and very quickly we were seated and ordering cocktails (a margarita, of course)

The menu is diverse but not an easy meal find for fussy eaters (cough me cough) and after some debate and recommendation discussions; we had chosen our meals and sat back to now debate teen bullying of all things (better than the weather, right?)

Our starters arrived in no time – I had the Calamari ribbons, tomato & squid ink risotto, roast garlic squid ink powder for R90; it was a large portion of risotto and the thinnest, finest calamari on top. My husband had the sautéed marrow, gremolata, jus, garlic & herb bread crumb, lemon balm for R105 – but it definitely wasn’t worth the price. A single marrow that he polished off in 2 minutes flat, while I meandered through my massive starter.

And just as quickly our mains arrived – we’d literally been seated 45 minutes before! But as parents of young kids, we appreciate a quick dinner and early night.

I had the melt in your mouth wood coal grilled salmon marinated in sundried tomato, zucchini, smoked paprika, tomato gel, lemon & chili crumb, béarnaise sauce; with crunchy zucchini on the side; and a portion of what they call ‘fries’ but are actually potato cubes – coated in a super unpleasant barbeque spice which doesn’t compliment their food at all. Cedric had the orzo paella; Mediterranean-style pasta, cooked in a tomato & saffron seafood sauce, chorizo, chicken, Namibian crab claws, prawns, squid, garlic & herb butter. It had a delicious warm cosy taste but the texture of the orzo was very baby-food vibe and being very texture aware, was totally not my things & he happily didn’t have to share with me anymore.

Dessert may have been my favourite part of the meal; not tempted by any of their usual offerings (Ced had the masticha panna cotta) I opted for sorbet – white peach & rose, prosecco & blueberry and lavender. If you’ve ever been to Pemburys in Knysna, I thought no one could beat their lavender sorbet until I had this! Super distinct flavours (I swear the prosecco was still fizzy!) in a smooth, slush puppy style as opposed to solid ball type sorbet; beautifully decorated with edible flowers and a crunchy crumb. Happiness is…

All in all an awesome addition to the finer style of Jo’burg restaurant scene; the perfect ‘special occasion’ venue and a great place for a proposal (lets not forget the KFC couples windfall) I wont be rushing back; it’s pricy and not an everyday kind of meal/experience, but will definitely be back for a birthday (although I will them away these days – the 30’s are rough!)

Venue: 8/10 (quick to get to with ample parking and a pretty view that isn’t of a parking lot; once the blinds hid the petrol station)

Décor: 10/10 (it couldn’t be more beautiful)

Menu: 6/10 (not for fussy eaters but ideal for the more adventurous)

Food: 8/10 (what I ordered was delicious!)

Definitely recommended. Most enjoyed.

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